Friday, November 18, 2011

Useful Modern Technology: Self-Contained Dual Camera GPS System

Increase Driver Accountability with Review

From a 5 person operation to fleets with over 100 vehicles, the newest technology in GPS and cameras can help make your job easier and improve overall safety and operations.
Would you like to know why some driver's seem to take a long time on routes?  Are driver's taking long lunch breaks?  Maybe your employees are texting while driving, a well known behavior that causes the most accidents of all driving mistakes.  Or perhaps your goal is achieve a little peace of mind by having the knowledge that you'll have concrete evidence to show exactly what occurred in the event that something troublesome happens on the road.

An Innovative Product

We've reviewed the ST-In Vehicle Camera System from Safety Track to try this new technology. We chose this product due to a referral we received and also because it recently won the 2011 NSA Best Practice Award.
This camera is easy to use!  After we mounted into to our windshield, installed the necessary cables and adjusted both cameras on the single unit, we were ready to take this new camera system for a spin.
We performed a typical test drive, just as if it were any route taken by a driver.  When we were finished we pulled our vehicle back into the parking lot and the WIFI Adapter attached to the camera automatically downloaded alerts from the camera to our computer.  We logged into our computer and opened the Safety Track program to begin reviewing our test route.
This small camera device is quite powerful, having caught us breaking the preset speed limits on three separate instances.  We reviewed each instance and were able to see what was happening on the road, the GPS location of where it occured, and we could even see and listen to what was going on in the vehicle.

The software was easy to use and we could effective review data from the camera immediately.  The software allows users to change camera view options, zoom in by right clicking, and has a simple interface that shows your vehicle's speed, GPS location, and all the vehicle's alerts and events.  If you're interested, a nice breakdown of what the software looks like and it's labeled controls can be found at the bottom of this page.  Overall, we found the ST-In Vehicle Camera to be a great, useful, and quite affordable product for any sized business that has company vehicles.

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